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Benefits to Members

Book from anywhere

Instant confirmation

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True and fair bookings

First up best dressed

Secure On-line payment

Better planning

First up best dressed
With a partially full hut for your chosen booking your booking will be confirmed immediately. However there will be pressure on popular booking times as an example Fri/Sat ski booking in the middle of the season.

A new days bookings become available every day at midnight.  This day will be empty except for regular bookings (e.g. racquet club) or special bookings that the executive have pre-booked. (e.g. ski club, school holidays). So the scramble starts at mid-night.

The club rules will determine how many weeks in advance of usage this is. In the SkiDemo this is four weeks. You will find, the scramble for Fri/Sat is midnight Friday four weeks before, your hoped for booking.  In the event that you find the Lodge fully booked you can make an entry in the waitlisted spaces. Should any member make a cancellation then the deletion program will review the waitlist spaces and fill the lodge. You will then be advised by email of your good fortune. Warning, do not be casual about staying on the waiting list.
Because if you are advanced to a confirmed booking you will have paid and there is probably no refund available if you do not occupy the bunk. Tip, if you are anticipating a scramble make sure that you have arranged sufficient credit for your booking before midnight.

Secure On-line payment: uses PayPal so that you can send money to the club and have it credited to your account. For full details go to
Administrators, sign your organization up to accept payments. Paypal merchants then view the "Merchant tools" tab.

Paypal have become the internets most favoured and recognised internet payment facility simply because their systems are secure, efficient and easy to use, in an extremely wide variety of applications. Virtually any on-line credit card to merchant activity is covered by their systems. There are no setup fees and only reasonable transaction fees.

Better planning
Bookings are in your control 24/7. Have you ever had it this good?

Decide to go skiing, sit at the computer, login to, check the calendar, make a payment, make a booking and get immediate confirmation of booking. Now what could be easier.

Busy executives who love to go skiing mid-week at short notice will love this dynamic booking system. This is a real win-win for the club and the members.

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